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Why Does The Vibrating Screen Not Discharge Or The Discharge Is Slow

Recently, we have found that some customers will report that during the use of the vibrating screen, they will encounter the problem that the material is not discharged or the discharge is slow.

1. The first consideration is the selection of mesh size. The mesh is too small and the material cannot penetrate the mesh smoothly.
2. When the vibrating screen is working, check whether the screen surface or the discharge port is in a horizontal state or whether it is too high. This is directly related to the screening effect of the equipment; under normal circumstances, it should be about 5mm higher, and the vibrating screen is designed differently according to the height of the material outlet.

3.In addition to the above, the most important thing is to adjust the angle of the upper and lower eccentric blocks of the vibration motor. The smaller angle is to let the materials spread out faster. When changing the angle of the eccentric block of the vibration motor, it should be adjusted by about 5 degrees When you have strict requirements on the screening accuracy, the motor angle should not be too small, otherwise the material will spread out quickly, which is not conducive to the screening effect. Generally, the factory motor angle of the vibration screen is 45。.

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