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Why Does The Linear Vibrating Screen With An Inclination Angle Screening Foam

The linear vibrating screen has a good screening effect when sieving some granular materials. For example, when sieving foam particles, the linear vibrating screening machine is required to screen out the materials that do not meet the specifications. Under normal circumstances, if the material particles are 2-10mm, a two-layer linear screen is required for screening. According to the customer's demand, the DZSF1020-2P screening equipment is recommended for the customer, and the screen surface is inclined at 7 degrees. The main reasons are as follows:

First of all, whether the linear vibrating screen should have an inclination angle is mainly related to the screened materials, like foam, which is an extremely light material. If the screen surface has no inclination angle, the foam will be vibrated by the exciting force on the screen surface, and the material will appear to fly phenomenon, if there is a certain inclination angle, after the foam is put into the screen, a certain tilting force is induced, and the material smaller than the mesh of the screen can quickly enter the lower material without floating on the screen surface.

In addition, there is a certain inclination on the screen surface, and the screening output of foam will also be increased. Therefore, if you want to increase the screening output of materials, you can also increase the inclination angle of the vibrating screen. The angle is generally 5 -10 degrees, if the inclination angle is too small or too large, it will have an impact. The inclination angle is too small to achieve the screening effect; the screening accuracy of the material with too large inclination angle cannot be achieved.

Therefore, when the screened material is too light, the inclination of the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen is generally increased to solve the problem of greater requirements for the screening output of the material.

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