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Which Vibrating Screen Should Be Used For Different Mesh Materials

There are many types of screening equipment on the market, so which equipment should be used for different materials? In the field of screening, the most concern is the final screening accuracy and output of materials, which are directly related to the economy of the equipment.

First of all, there are many types of screening equipment, including three-dimensional vibrating screen (ordinary vibrating screen), linear screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, square gyratory screen, swing screen. Each model has different application fields. For the convenience of explanation, use materials The range of sieving mesh is divided into details.

1. Coarse precision, between 10 mesh and 70 mesh
The screening accuracy of the material is between 10 mesh and 70 mesh. The linear screen is a particularly suitable screening equipment. The material moves forward on the screen surface of the linear screen. Multi-layer screening can be designed according to the demand. Unit time The output is very considerable, which is very suitable for the screening of coarse precision materials. 

2. Medium precision, between 70 mesh and 180 mesh
The screening accuracy of the materials is between 70 mesh and 180 mesh. The optional screening equipment includes swing screen, vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen and linear screen. Although these vibrating screen models are competent, there are differences in output. The swing screen, especially the square swing screen, the box body can be designed to 2 meters 4*4 meters, the single screening area can reach 8 square meters, and the screen layer surface can be designed to more than 10 layers. The output is unmatched by other screening equipment of. Therefore, for the screening of medium-precision materials, the square swing screen is a particularly suitable screening equipment. Because it imitates the manual screening action, it only has throwing and rotating circular motions without the high-frequency vibration characteristics of traditional vibrating screens. The durability is relatively high, and it is also suitable for the screening of irregular materials.

3. High precision, between 180 mesh and 500 mesh
When the screening accuracy of materials is between 180 mesh and 200 mesh or even 500 mesh, the ultrasonic vibrating screen equipment is particularly suitable. This is due to the unique nature of the ultrasonic vibrating screen-the high frequency of ultrasonic vibration. The ultrasonic converter makes the screen with high frequency. The vibration characteristics of low frequency and amplitude, these ultra-fine powders remain suspended on the screen surface, and the materials are not easy to stick to the screen, which solves the screening problems of easy adhesion, easy agglomeration, high precision, light specific gravity, etc. It is suitable for the screening of fine powder materials at the use position of the dewatering screen in the high-quality, dry tailings discharge system.

In general, in the field of screening, we must choose according to actual production needs, and finally achieve a balance between precision and output, improve the economics of screening equipment, and bring greater production benefits to users.

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