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Which Vibrating Screen Is Used For ABS Sand Screening

ABS sand is a kind of plastic granule, which has a very wide range of applications and great uses. Under normal circumstances, the production process of this granular material is inseparable from the application of vibrating screen equipment.

To process the classification of ABS sand, the processing capacity is 8-10T/H, and the mesh size is 3mm and 6mm. After understanding the customer's site conditions and the characteristics of the material, we recommended the DZSF1224-2S stainless steel linear vibrating screen to the customer. The main reasons are as follows:

1. The processing capacity of the linear vibrating screen is large, and the fluidity of the material is good. The linear vibrating screen can handle this kind of material well.

2. The mesh of the processed material is larger, and the proportion of the material is larger, so it is recommended that the customer use the punching plate structure, which is more durable. Ordinary woven mesh screen, under such a large output requirement, the service life will be shortened.

3. ABS sand is a kind of high-quality plastic granular additive, which has high requirements for the material of the equipment, so it is necessary to use the stainless steel vibrating screen equipment that contacts the material.

Therefore, there are many models of vibrating screens, and which model can better meet the production needs depends on the material and the actual situation on site.

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