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Which Type of Vibrating Screen Is Good For Paint Filtering

In the paint production line, paint filtration is a necessary production process, which can effectively guarantee the quality of the paint. So which type of vibrating screen is better for paint filtration?

The viscosity, fineness, and gloss of the paint all determine the quality of the paint. Because the paint has a certain viscosity, the effect of using a high-frequency vibrating screen is better.

The high-frequency vibrating screen is a kind of high-frequency vibration motor as the excitation source. The high-frequency vibration of the motor destroys the tension in the paint molecules, and forces the paint molecules smaller than the mesh of the screen to pass through the screen, so that the paint can be The large particles of impurities are screened out, and the mesh size of the general screen is 120 mesh. The screening output varies according to the screen area. The main functions of high frequency vibrating screen in paint production line are:

1. Filter out the impurities in the paint, improve the product quality of the paint, and then increase the value of the paint.

2. According to different output, multiple devices can operate at the same time to meet the needs of the entire production line.

3. The high-frequency vibrating screen is generally a single-layer operation. Because the impurity content is less, the upper discharge port can also be sealed. After a period of production, remove the grid frame and clean the impurities on the grid frame.

4. It can be designed with a movable pulley device, which can be raised and lowered to meet the needs of the production line.

The high frequency vibrating screen is mostly used for the filtration of viscous materials.

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