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Which Screening Equipment Is Used For Cobblestone Classification

Cobblestone is a kind of pure natural stone, and pebbles of different sizes have different uses. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish different specifications of pebbles. It is necessary to use screening equipment, which can distinguish the pebbles according to different sizes. Generally, a square linear vibrating screen is often used for larger screening output.

Use of cobblestone vibration screen
Because the shape of the pebbles is not standard, it is easy to block the network. Therefore, in the production process, the screen surface is usually designed with a 5 degree inclination angle to facilitate the smooth advancement of the pebbles on the screen surface and complete the entire screening. process. The pebbles are subjected to the dual action of the vibrating motor and its own gravity on the screen surface, and move forward in a straight line along the screen surface, and are screened out at the end of the discharge port to complete the entire screening. The use of linear vibrating screen to screen pebbles has the characteristics of fast screening speed and high efficiency.

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