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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention When Using Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

 1. The power connection

The first thing to do when using the ultrasonic vibrating screen is to connect the power supply well. Pay attention to the connection of the positive and negative poles. At the same time, pay attention to the voltage polarity and not connect the wrong wires. The large current should not exceed 0.4. If it can meet the production requirements, it is better to lower the power gear.

2. Use of vibrating screen frame
When there is no load on the vibrating screen frame, that is, the screen frame is not stretched, please do not use ultrasonic, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the grid frame and the vibrating screen. At the same time, the screen surface must be tight, otherwise it will affect the ultrasonic output excitation vibration effect.

3. Protection of ultrasonic device
The butt screw of the ultrasonic vibrator plug must be tight, and it should be wrapped with edge tape, and the sealing work should be done to prevent dust from entering. Before using the vibrating screen, be sure to check whether the nut of the vibrator and the connecting wire plug is tight, and whether the vibrator and the grid are tight.
Finally, pay attention to the protection of the connection line between the chassis and the vibrator during use. The connection line and the vibrating screen socket should be protected from moisture, and the connection plug and socket are not allowed to enter the water.

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