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What Materials Are Used For Explosion-proof Motors

1. The screened materials are flammable and explosive powders: magnesium powder, aluminum powder, zinc powder, sulfur powder, etc.;

2. When the screened materials need to be protected by inert gas during the production process, such as: carbonyl nickel powder, iron powder, tin powder, etc.

There is a qualitative difference between dust explosion-proof vibration motors and gas explosion-proof vibration motors, and their requirements and standards are different. The material screened by the customer with the vibrating screen is flammable and explosive powder or electrostatic explosion or dust explosion, etc., and dust explosion-proof vibration motor is required. When the customer specifies that a dust explosion-proof vibration motor is required, gas explosion-proof is not a substitute; however, due to the small market value of dust explosion-proof vibration motors, the ordering period is long, and many manufacturers use gas.

Use cases: aluminum powder, zinc powder, magnesium powder, sulfur powder, etc.

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