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What Kind Of Screening Equipment Is Needed For Clove Screening

Cloves have impurities and fine and not meet the specification cloves. So how do we distinguish the cloves that do not meet the specifications? After many studies, it is found that the linear vibrating screen has an excellent screening effect.

This equipment is a kind of screening equipment specially designed for sieving cloves. It uses dual vibration motors to drive the entire screen surface to produce violent vibrations. The cloves on the screen surface are affected by the vibration of the motor and the sieve mesh divided with cloves particle. The difference is to make a straight jump forward on the screen surface. Finally, cloves of different particles are screened out in different outlets.

Features of cloves vibrating screen:
1. The screen used is different from the ordinary screen. The main screen is a long perforated plate screen, which is mainly determined by the special state of cloves.
2. The linear vibrating screen made of all stainless steel is used, which is mainly determined by the use of cloves. Cloves can be used to make cigarettes, can also be used to make spices, and used in food. Therefore, there are requirements for the material of the screen.

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