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What factors can determine the handling capacity of vibrating screen?

1. The handling capacity of vibration screen is mainly determined by the width of screen surface and each vibrating parameter of screen body. If the screen width was given, the vibration screening effect will be determined by the length of screen surface, the characteristics and granularity of material.

2. To ensure the producing capacity of vibrating screening equipment, the material on the vibration screen surface needs certain thickness. When the feeding amount, namely the material thickness on the screen surface, is sure, its amount of crossing screen surface is mainly determined by the width of vibration screening machine. Therefore the screen surface is wider, the producing capacity is bigger. But its width has a certain scope. If it is too wide, it is hardly to ensure even material on the screen surface. Thereby, on the structure, the width of vibration screen are generally about 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.7mm, 2mm, 2.5mm.

3. The length of vibration screen is directly related to the screening efficiency. If too long, the material which has been screened well can’t be separated from screen surface quickly, which will affect the exerting of vibration screen effectiveness. On the contrary, the material can’t be screened completely.
The length of vibration screen for producing coal: adopt 3.5-4m vibration screen for screening of coarse grain grade and its length ratio is 2. Adopt 5.6m,6.5m and 7m vibration screen for screening, dewatering and sculping of medium and fine grain grade. Its length ratio is about 3.