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What Are The Precautions After The Installation of Linear Vibrating Screen

Many customers have caused many problems due to inadequate installation or inadequate use after buying a linear vibrating screen. What are the ways to avoid these annoying problems? The following is a brief introduction to some solving ways.

1. After receiving the goods, the work to be checked before installation is roughly as follows:
To see whether the motor power is in place, whether there are any defects, whether the surface is damaged, scratches, whether the bearing is flexible, whether the screws are tight, whether the power supply is leaking or missing phase, you should carefully check the power supply, the power supply is the first heart of the vibrating screen, and it must be timely Find the problem and solve it in time.
2. Feeding should be even when feeding, which is conducive to extending the life of the screen and reducing equipment maintenance costs.
3. Vibration motors should be checked frequently, and the connected screws should be checked frequently. The screws will also loosen after long-term use.
4. After the production is finished, the machine should be cleaned and maintained to ensure the safety of the equipment and the next production.
Vibrating screens are used in all walks of life. The most used vibration machinery, that is, machinery that mainly uses vibrating motors for power, must undergo a wave of inspection before using a linear vibrating screen to ensure that the machine can operate normally. The installation procedure must be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions, and it is not allowed to install more than one or modify it by yourself.

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