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What Are The Functions of The Vacuum Feeder Filter Element

During the operation of the vacuum feeder, it needs to rely on negative pressure pneumatic conveying to convey powder materials. One of the more important parts of the vacuum feeder equipment is the filter element. This filter element can determine the transmission efficiency and update frequency of the entire work operation. And maintenance workload. Generally, the choice of the filter element of the vacuum feeder does not mean that the better brand is the most suitable. However, in fact, the choice of the filter element is not a fancy brand, but it needs to focus on the filter area. If the filter area accuracy is higher, then it is necessary for larger filter area.

How should we choose a suitable vacuum feeder filter element?

1. Look at the material. The material is the determining factor for the quality of the filter element. A good material has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, and low resistance. For example, the Italian quality of polymer fibers is very reliable.
2. Consider the accuracy and air permeability of the filter element of the vacuum feeder.
3. See if the filter element can be recycled, can it be cleaned with water, and how long the service life is.
4. Observe whether the contact between the end cap of the filter cartridge and the metal is tight.

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