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What are the characteristics of painting vibrating screen?

Our painting vibrating screen combined with many customer’s using feedback by many years, and on the basis of the self-development manufacturing technology of vibrating screen by many technical improvements, research and development, now has been the most sieving efficiency kind of machine. Whether the materials are dry or wet, fine or rough, large proportion or light proportion, 0-400 mesh could be sieve, and for liquid and slurry, it can be achieve 0-600 mesh. At the same time, our machine equipped with a special cleaning sieve device, then it will reducing the plugging rate to a minimum, finally largely improve the material through the sieve rate and processing accuracy.

The features of painting vibrating screen:

First, high screening efficiency, refined and durable design, suit for any powders, particles and mucilage.

Second, small volume, not take up space, convenient movement.

Third, easy to change the sieve, simple operation, convenient cleaning.

Fourth, can be used for single-layer, multi-layers screening, can up to five layers.

Fifth, no mesh plug, no dust flying, final screening can be reach 500 mesh, sieving can be reach 600 mesh.

Sixth, unique sieve design, effectively improve the use rate of screen, reducing the costs of using, quickly change screen only 3-5 minutes.

Seventh, impurities and rough materials auto discharged, be able to continuous operation.

Eighth, the contact part of the equipment and raw materials is customized according to customer's requirement, carbon steel or stainless steel or plastic.