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What abnormal phenomenon does the linear vibration screen often appear?

1. Two motors must take synchronization opposite motion. Inch the device to observe the motor’s running direction.

2. Check whether they are in normal running. Inch each motor individually to observe whether they are normal. Please notice that seeing the moment of running of single motor has better effect.

3. Check whether they are the same. They must be the motors with same type and manufacturer. Their excited force and adjusted phase angle of upper and lower eccentric heavy hammer must be the same.
4. The device and screen mesh must be in the level state. Open the upper cover to observe the material’s distribution and screening condition. If the material has conditions of uneven distribution, deviation or ditching, check the tension degree of screen mesh first. Then check the equipment’s level state and stability in turn. If this phenomenon still doesn’t get good improvement, adjust the frame of pressing mesh.
5. Check whether the equipment is connected with hard objects or pressed by heavy objects.