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Vibration Screening Equipment In Coating Production Process

Vibration screening equipment also plays a very important role in the production process of coatings. Vibrating screens can easily and effectively remove impurities that may be mixed in the production process. The following analyzes the application of vibrating screen in the coating production process:

In essence, the process of coating production is to break up the pigment solid particles by external force and disperse them in the resin solution or emulsion to form a uniform and fine suspension dispersion. Its production process usually takes four steps:
The pigment is first mixed with a part of the paint in a certain equipment to obtain a mixed color paste that belongs to a semi-finished product of the pigment color paste, and is beneficial to subsequent grinding;

2. Grinding dispersion
Dispersing the pre-dispersed mixed color paste sufficiently through a grinding and dispersing device to obtain a pigment color paste;
3. Paint adjustment
Add the rest of the base material, other additives and solvents to the ground pigment paste, and tint if necessary to meet the quality requirements of the paint;

4. Purification packaging
Various impurities and large particles are removed through vibration screening and filtering equipment, and the finished coating is prepared.

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