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Tightness inspection of oil seal of vibration screen

The oil seal is just a sealing ring. Normally, its diameter is smaller than the shaft diameter. It will play a role after the oil added on the bearing. And a very strong centripetal force will be produced under high speed running, which can prevent the leakage phenomenon.

Sealing problem is an inevitable problem after a long-time use of the equipment. Let’s talk about the question which will affect the sealing below. Then we can just check these things on the sealing inspection.

1. Wearing problem caused by the friction of lip.
2. Sealing ring is mostly made of rubber, so it is necessary to check the aging problem of it.
3. The matching problem of oil seal and shaft.
There are many reasons that can cause the oil seal damaged. So it needs to regularly check the oil seal quality. If finding any question, replace it immediately to nip the sealing problem in the bud.