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The Using Notes of Steel Shot Sand Linear Vibrating Screen

 Steel shot sand linear vibrating screen is used to sieve steel shot sand, can sieve out big particles and grinding crushed powder materials. So in using customers need to notice some problems.

1.Before using, need to check whether the screen of linear vibration screen is damaged, and whether lubricating oil in vibration motor need to add.
2.Need to be switched on before each use, empty machine rotating five minutes, and after normally running to feed, cannot feed too much or too little, keep the evenly feeding to the screen surface of linear vibrating screen. Long time no even feeding will cause the screen damaged.
3.Steel shot sand vibrating screen is generally used in production line, and there will be downtime during the shift. But the shutdown can't stop immediately, after waiting the steel shot on the screen surface completed sieve out, then empty machine rotating five minutes, ensure there is no materials in screen machine, stop this machine, reach the high accuracy sieving.
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