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The use and repair of dewatering screen

1. Operation: the operator should know the screen machine characteristics well. Before working, he should read the introduction and duty record in detail. And then take total check of the equipment, such as the tightening of link screw of vibration motor, the tightening condition of screen plate.

2. Start: the start of this screen machine should follow the sequence of process system and as far as possible ensure non-load start. Start to jog and then start normally to ensure the synchronous relative rotation of two motors.
3. Check: check the vibration motor load and working condition in the middle and final of each duty.

4. Stop: the stop should meet the sequence of process system. Except special accident, stopping the machine with material inside and feeding sequentially after the stop are prohibited.

5. Adjustment: when the excited force is not meet the requirement, it just needs the adjustment of the eccentric block. Step-less adjustment for the excited force of vibrating motor is feasible. The larger the angle is, the smaller the excited force is; otherwise greater. The excited force will be the maximum when the angle is zero; and zero, 180°.

6. Overhaul: the overhaul of screen machine should be made by professional regularly.

7. Temperature: the temperature should be less than 70 degrees if configuring rubber spring.

8. Maintenance and adjustment: according to the specification of YZS series or YZU/JZO series three-phase asynchronous vibrating motor.