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The use and maintenance of YA circular vibrating separator

The use and maintenance of YA circular vibrating separator
1. Before machine runs, the operator should check whether there are barriers could obstruct the machine's run, check whether the connecting screw is tight. The settled screws should be tightened again and again, especially the screws of vibration motor, pedestal, screen cloth.
2. Check whether the directions of two motors is inverse, if not, the operaor should change the motor wiring to make the two motors' movement direction inverse.
3. When machine runs, let it start, run and stop without raw material and two times to check whether there are abnormal phenomena.
4. After continuous 4 hours working, check the bearing temperature whether over 75℃, tighten connecting screw again and remember to tighten regularly.
5. When screening material, the operator should put material uniformly. If the material deviates, the operator should change another feeding point.
6. Before stop, the operator should stop feeding first. After material is done, then stop. The operator should clean the material and sundries for fear that blocking screen cloth after stop the machine.
7. The vibration motor should be added lubricating oil one time every 3 monthes, minor overhaul every half year, heavy repair every year.