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The summary of silo wall vibrator

    Silo wall vibrator is also known as anti-blocking device and silo wall shaker. It is used for prevent and eliminate all kinds of blocking and arch-tower phenomenons caused by inside friction, deliquescing, electrification, segregation and others of the material. It is widely used in various industries such as mine, metallurgy, chemical, building material and machinery. It has advantages of light weight, low noise, small maintenance amount, easy automatic control and others.

Structure: the upper part is a vibrating motor, the underpart is a rack, the middle part is the bolt for connecting.

It is always installed at the position whose height is 1/4 of the silo cone or less than. If installing more than two machines, they can be installed at the symmetrical planes of different height. For the wooden or concrete silo, the vibrating plate can be installed at the silo wall to transfer vibration force and activate material.

When the anti-blocking device working, the vibrating motor will run in high speed and then cause periodic high-frequency vibration to the silo wall. The periodic vibration will make two effects. One is the disengagement of the material and silo wall, which will remove the friction between them. The other is affecting the material with alternating speed and acceleration and let it be in unstable state. This will overcome the internal friction force and aggregation force effectively and remove the relative stability among the material inside. Then the material will be discharged from the port smoothly.