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The operation order of 450 filter sieve

DY-450 is a removable single-deck filter sieve with lower noise and high efficiency. Because of one layer and one outlet, and the materials on layer should be removed by operator, the 450 filter sieve suit to the filtering of small capacity and little impurities. The following is the operation order of 450 filter sieve made by Dayong Machinery.
1. Place the DY-450 filter sieve level, ensure the voltage is same as the nameplate, check whether the fasteners was locked well.
2. Assure the mesh according to the material size.
3. Put on the installed frame with screen surface and lock it well.
4. Feed the material on the screen frame, start the power, it works.
5. After stop machine, loose lock and take away the screen frame, pour out the impurities.
6. Put on it again, lock it well.
7. Replace net: First to take down the screen frame, loose the screws, take down damaged net, then put a new net on the frame, pull tightly it, tighten the screws and cut off redundant screen surface.