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The Methods of Common Faults for Disc Feeder

 The main feature of disc feeder provides the materials supply to other equipment, using disc feeder can make the materials evenly enter the next equipment, so as to let the next process normally work, saving labor, and protect the performance of equipment. There will be problems as long as it is a device, disc feeder also no exception, so what are the common problems with disc feeder? How to solve the problems?

1. The drive shaft jumps and the coupling has abnormal noise: The driven shaft watt wear; Tooth coupling without oil dry grinding; The bearing of support groove shaft (or vertical reducer) damage; Damage to the tail shaft bearing of the horizontal reducer will cause the drive shaft to jump, and the coupling has the abnormal noise.
Methods: 1. Replace bearing 2. Replace watt 3. add oil

2. The damage frequency of the main shaft bearing of disc feeder is high: When the storage of the silo is relatively full and the disc load is relatively large, the damage frequency of main shaft bearing is high.
Methods: Replace bearing, reduce the disc load.
3. The disc jumping: The protective lining plate on the disc surface is loose or lifting scraper; There are debris or large pieces of material stuck between the disc surface and the sleeve; Vertical shaft pressure bearing damage; The bevel gear wear and the like will cause the disc to jump.
Methods: 1. Replace the support body or vertical reducer 2. Clean the debris and large piece of material 3. Replace bearing 4. Treat the lining plate, make it smooth, or tighten the loosing, replace the wearing.
4. The disc feeder cannot start normally: when the materials in the silo exceeds the 2/3, often appear the phenomenon of disc feeder not start normally. Especially in the rear equipment appearing fault, after the disc feeder is temporarily shut down for a period of time, due to the presence of quicklime, the material is easily knotted in the material sleeve, causing the disc feeder not start normally.
Methods: After cleaning the material between the material sleeve and the disk surface, it can be started.
5. The heating of machine shell for disc feeder: Oil deterioration; Venting holes are blocked, which will cause the feeder casing to heat up.
Methods: 1. Replace oil 2. Unblocked venting hole.

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