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The Matters Need Attention and Troubleshooting of Bucket Elevator

Matters Need Attention:
1. Check before start: The machine should run without load. The operator should observe whether the move is normal, if it is, start with regular feeding to prevent the block on the pedestal.
2. Stop feeding before stop: The operator should stop feeding material before stop the bucket elevator until discharging whole material.
3. Check the hopper belt: If the hooper belt deviate to another side or slips, the operator should adjust the lead screw on the pedestal.

1. Belt deviating: Generally because of the tensioning wheel on the tail pedestal were not adjusted level, the operator could adjust the lead screw to amend.
2. Hopper strike box enclosure: Caused by not tight hopper belt tension, could adjusted by tensioning lead screw.
3. Large backlfow: Check whether the discharging adjusting plate is skew, if it is, make it have a short distance between hopper outlet.
4. High temperature on reducer and bearing: Cause one: wrong installation. cause two: impurities in it. First to clear the impurities, then install the reducer and bearing correctly.