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The installation order and matters need attention of belt conveyor

Before installation:

The operator should inspect all spare parts and understand the requirement of installation and technique, the arrangement of the whole installation.

The installation order of the belt conveyor

1. Scribe a center line
2. Install the rack(including head rack, middle rack and tailstock)
3. Install the bottom carrier roller and turnabout roller.
4. Put the belt on the bottom carrier(look out the front and reverse side)
5. Screw up the carrier roller.
6. Install the tension device, transmitting roller and driving roller.
7. Twine the belt from head roller and tail roller.
8. Link the belt(Look out the adjustment of tension divice).
9. Tighten the belt.

Matters need attention of the belt conveyor

1. All of the rollers, carrier rollers, driving devices should operate fluently after installation.
2. The pretightening force of heavy type buffer roller should be guaranteed.
3. When linking the belt, the tension margin of tension device should be guaranteed before operating.
4. The centering roller should be installed on the behind of the direction of the belt runs.