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The installation and test run of the bucket elevator

1. Box installation: The bucket elevator must be fixed on the firm concrete ground. The surface of the concrete ground shoukd be kept horizontal to guarantee the machine is vertical after fixed. The operator should install the bottom sections of bucket elevator, first to fix the foundation bolt, then install the middle box, finally to install the top box. The box should be kept vertical after installed, too.
2. Chains and hoppers installation: The hopper is connected with the U-type screws, which could be used as connector and the fasteners of the hoppers. Keep it in mind to make the U-type screws no loose.
3. Tension test: When the installation is over, it's time to tension the whole parts of the machine.
4. Apply oil to the machine: Add the engine oil to the reduction gears, add grease on bearing pedestal, while add Industrial gear oil to the reduction gears.
5. Test machine: When above steps is over, there should be a no-load test. There are matters need to attention: the bucket elevator cannot move reverse and no more crash. The no-load testing time can be more than 2 hours .You can have the load test if there are no matters on the machine after the no-load test.