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The installation and test of drum screen

Installing and testing introduction:

1. The error in the level direction should be kept in 2mm every meter.
2. Prohibit to install other things on trommel screen, which would have an impact on the intensity and rigidity of the machine.
3. Clean up the installing area after installaion, there should not be installing equipment in the screen cloth.
4. Check whether all fasteners are stabe, if it is, the operator cannot start the machine.
Test without load:
1. Check whether there are abnormal noise.
2. Check whether the temperaturer of bearing over 70 ℃ after used 2 hours.
3. After test without load, the machine could start.
Test with load:
1. Put material on the inlet uniformly after connecting electric ultil fully load.
2. The screen cloth should not be shocked by the putting material.
3. The temperature of bearing should under 70 ℃ after using 8 hours.
4. Stop putting material before stopping machine, and stop the machine when the whole material is done.