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The installation and inspection of TSS dehydration screen

The vibrating motor anchor bolt hole and anchor bolt should be matched closely. The anchor should be tightened and reliable. The nuts, spring cushion rings and others should be locked tightly to prevent loosening.

Regular check of TSS dehydration screen:
1. Weekly inspection: check whether each bolt and nut of vibrating motor, screen box and bearing device are loose and fasten them. Check whether the rubber spring is broken.
2. Monthly inspection: check the wearing condition of screen surface monthly. If finding partial wear(such as feeding end), take necessary adjustment, repair and replacing.
3. Half-year inspection: check each welding seam every half a year. When finding the open welding phenomenon, analyze the reason and take a repair-welding. Replace the screen mesh and rubber spring invalid and damaged.
4. Yearly inspection: take a comprehensive inspection and overhaul yearly. It can be operated by the serviceman according to the actual condition.