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The installation and adjustment of vibration table

1. When installing, the pedestal should be keep level on the ground the error should not more than ±0.15.
2. The pedestal bolt should be locked well, no more loose.
3. Check whether the screw on the motor and table is loose.
4. Check whether the installation is correct, test run if it is. Then run with load when test run is normal.
5. If the operator want to adjust the amplitude, he could adjust from the frequency converter. Decrease the frequency to enlarge the amplitude, increase frequency to decrease the amplitude. The operator also could adjust the angle of outer and inner eccentric block to change the eccentric force so as to adjust the needed amplitude.
6. The direction of vertical motor should be synclastic, horizontal motor should be reversed.
7. Check the fasteners of different parts, check the stability burdened box and table in case of the damage of revibration.