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The Function of The Dust Cover of The Light Linear Vibrating Screen

The light linear vibrating screen is what we often say is mostly used in the chemical, food, textile, construction and other industries. Due to the increasing awareness of environmental protection in recent years, in order to prevent dust leakage during the screening of materials, a dust cover is usually installed on the upper screen.

Why do light-duty linear vibrating screens need a dust cover?

The light-duty linear vibrating screen mainly screens particles and dusty materials. The screened materials are lighter. Therefore, when the materials enter the screen surface, they will be thrown forward on the screen surface, and light powder particles will appear dust. The phenomenon of escape. Therefore, in order to ensure the production environment of the workshop, a dust cover is usually installed on the screen surface.

What are the benefits of adding a dust cover?

It can not only prevent the escape of materials from affecting the production environment, but also ensure that the production workers will not affect their health due to dust during production; in addition, after the dust cover is installed, the accuracy of material screening is improved. high. The linear sieve equipped with a dust cover can confine the dust inside the equipment, and then collect it by the dust collector at the bottom of the sieve frame, thus achieving the effect of preventing dust from escaping and recycling.
The light linear vibrating screen uses a vibrating motor as the vibration source, so that the material is thrown up on the screen while moving forward in a straight line. The material passes through different screens to produce different specifications of the over-screen material and the under-screen material from their respective The discharge port is discharged. It has the characteristics of high output, low energy consumption, simple structure, automatic discharge, etc., which is more suitable for assembly line operation. 

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