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The function and classification of damping spring in vibrating screen

The function of damping spring:
Damping spring is the necessary spare in vibrating screen. The damping spring in vibrating screen is the connecting part between screen body and pedestal, taking the effect of buffering. The damping spring could make the material on the screen move without hurt.

The classification of damping spring:
The damping spring was divided into four types: wire compression spring, rubber spring, complex spring and rubber air spring.
1. Wire compression spring
This kind of spring was made of compressed wire, looks like circle, generally same pitch. There are interval between the wire and center. When suffering pressure, the spring would shrink.
2. Rubber spring
The rubber spring was made of natural rubber, which is a high hardness elastomer. Possess water resistance, heat resistance, low noise, electrical insulation, long life, low cost and high resilience.
3. Complex spring
Complex spring combines rubber and wire spring, whose texture is the elastomer of these two texture. With these two springs' merit, and improve the defect, this machine possess great stability, large load capacity and reducing pressure. It is suit to mine, coal and metallurgy large type vibrating equipment.
4. Rubber air spring
Also called rubber pneumatic bag, the rubber air spring was charged air between the external and inner rubber. Using the air to reach to the elasticity of spring.