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The Difference Between Flat Rotary Screen And Linear Vibrating Screen

The plane rotary screen is mainly used to screen small granular materials. Its working principle is similar to that of the linear vibrating screen, but there are differences. The following will explain the difference between the plane rotary screen and the linear vibrating screen.

1. The plane rotary screen is just a kind of sieve, screening equipment; while the linear vibrating screen is a vibrating screen equipment, under the same conditions, its motor power is smaller than that of the plane rotary screen.

2. Screening efficiency: The screening efficiency of the linear vibrating screen is much higher than that of the circular vibrating screen; however, our new equipment plane rotary screen has a higher screening efficiency than the linear vibrating screen. The penetration rate of the material can be as high as 95%.
3. Screening materials: Linear vibrating screens are only suitable for screening dry materials with moisture content of less than 14%. Materials with too much humidity are prone to sticking to the screen; however, flat rotary screens are different. It has a relatively complete screen cleaning device. The material with high humidity can be easily separated. The plane rotary screen has a significant effect in the screening of urea industry.

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