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The determinant of vibrating screen price

The client’s principal concern is the vibration screen’s quality and price. Its quality is determined by the design and production. So what factors can determine the vibration screen price? We will introduce some factors today.

1. Material. The material of vibration screen is divided into nylon, carbon steel and stainless steel. The price is different with different material and thickness.

2. Parts quality. Main vibration screen parts are vibrating motor, damping spring, screen mesh and cleaning device. Using vibrating parts in different quality is one of the reasons which can affect its price.
3. Design technology. The design of vibration screen has a direct relationship with following manufacture and using condition. The vibration screens designed by formal enterprises’ technicians all have reasonable design according to the users’ material characteristics and particular demand without indiscriminately applying original design drawings for production. This is also one of the factors increasing the vibration screen price.
4. Logistics and transportation. There are many transportation methods with various prices. This is also one aspect needing communications between customer and manufacturer.
Dayong Vibration Machinery Company, as a formal enterprise, manufactures screening machine with material and parts supplied by formal supplier. Price concessions, quality assurance and trustworthy.