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The common malfunction of vibration motor

The material entered into motor:
The motor is a high precision equipment, which cannot be influenced by other materials. But because of the large applicability of vibration motor, it is hard to avoid the materials into the motor.
1. Powder material into motor:
The powder material is the general material the machinery equipment need to handle with. If the equipment cannot be protected by dust keeper, some materials are more or less would enter into the motor. These powders would enter into the motor from the junction box and would wear the insulation resistance when the motor works.
2.Liquid material into motor:
The liquid material would damage the motor much directly than powder materials. When liquid enter into motor, the insulativity of motor would decline and then the circuit trips.
3.Engine oil into motor:
The motor was always connected with other equipment. The engine oil in other equipment would permeate into the motor along the joint lever. The insulation varnish on the motor would be dissolved if the engine oil is more and more. Then the the insulativity would be decline and the motor would be burned down.
4. Gasoline into motor:
This problem was caused by operator’s wrong operation. The gasoline is used for cleaning the vibration motor surface. But the gasoline would enter into the inside of motor if it was used much on the motor surface.
The abrasion in junction box:
The major cause is the abrasion on splice in junction box and the abrasion after contacting with metal under the motor’s vibration.
 Lead malfunction:
1. lead burn down:
 The screw on motor would become loose after a period working, which would make the lead bad contact and would be burned down.
2. Lead contacting ground:
The exciting force of vibration motor would make lead and the metal parts on stator wear with each other, then ground connection and break down.
Above is the general motor malfunctions. If you want to reduce these malfunctions, you should choose standard motors when ordering. Then you should check and maintain in daily application.