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The common malfunction and inspecting method of fertilizer gyratory screen

        The gyratory screen was widely used for grading and sieving in chemical larger granule urea, powder and particle material in fodder factory. When works, due to the reciprocating, rotating and inclined movement, the larger particle would be screened from the first layer, then the unqualified granule and powder would be screened by from the second layer, finally the qualified material would be discharged and reach to best sieving effect. According to the feedback from the market, the technicists of Dayong Machinery summarize some problems and inspecting methods when using gyratory screen to sieving fertilizer especially urea.

Blocking of gyratory screen
1. Checking the moisture content of material, when the content more than 5%, the operator should dry it.
2. Adjust the tension of screen, which could make the brace summer with screen produce twice vibration so as to reduce blocking.

Abnormal movement such as torsional vibration
1. Common cause is the eccentric block was installed not suitable, the major axle was bend or bearing damaged.
2. The block was designed by the weight of machine and maximum material, the weight of material in test running is changeable consistently, when there are deviation, the vibration would be not stable.

Material mixing
The major cause is the screen surface is damaged, or the seal is not rigorous.

Capacity cannot reached
The screen size is not suitable for, the lower rotation speed, or bouncing ball wear badly, besides the above causes.

For avoiding these problems, the clients should order standard machine from qualified manufacturer and supplier. Dayong Machinery promise you our machine warranty was extended to 18 months.