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The causes of malfunction at linear classifying separator working

In the using vibrating screen process, the operator usually neglect the maintenance for vibrating screen and lead to different kinds malfunctions. So, how many causes result in malfunction ?

1.The vibration motor runs slowly, the bearing temperature very high.
This problem is caused by the lacked of maintenance, the bearing lack of lubricating grease. If the lubricating grease is new injecting, it may be the grease quality or too full. The inferior grease would make bearing block, so it is important to choose best grease.
2.The sieving efficiency is too low.
This problem may be caused by operator’s wrong operation and make the screen mesh block, the material on the screen surface too thick, feeding not balance.
3.Machine cannot start or less amplitude.
The operator should check whether there are too much things on electric appliance, it there are, clear them. Check whether the screw on the exciter is loose, whether the lubricating grease become ropy and caking.
4.The noise is to large.
This problem may be caused by the bearing damage, fasteners loosed or springs damaged. On the other hand, check whether the motor is damaged or the component on circuit is damaged. If there is no problems, check the machine and the material on the screen surface.
Thus, do better inspecting before start machine and maintenance after used. Keep a good habit so as to reduce the damage to extend the service life of machine.