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The causes and solutions of material mixing when sieving

      All of users know that the purpose of vibrating screen using is to grade and separate material into different sizes. But in the using process, there be a common phenomenon of material mixing. That means the different sizes material mixed together and influence the sieving effect. Now, the technician from Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Company would analyze the causes of and solutions of material mixing phenomenon.

The causes:
1.The poor sealing between screen surface and frame.
The quality of seal ring, using period and the abrasion from material to seal ring directly decides the service life of seal ring. When the seal ring cannot works, there would be material mixing.
2.The damage of screen surface.
Obviously, if the screen surface of vibrating screen is damaged, the upper layer material would fall down directly into the next layer and lead to material mixing.
3.Not suitable angle of vibration motor.
The angle of vibration motor would directly influence the movement of the material on the screen surface. The movement would directly influence the material’s grading.
1. Regularly inspect whether the seal ring of vibrating screen is undamaged.
2. Regularly inspect whether the screen surface is undamaged.
3. Adjust the motor angle according to different material.