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The Brief Introduction Of Sieve Shaker

The test sieve is a tool for grading and testing the particle size of material particles. It is a sieve that is inspected, appraised and deemed to comply with the comprehensive agreement by a designated agency. This is an important sign that distinguishes it from general sieves.

According to the structure of the test sieve, the performance of the test sieve is also quite different, and the reliability is also quite different. Generally speaking, the maintenance of the test sieve mainly includes the following points:

1. Reasonable use of test sieve
The application of the test sieve should be based on the actual application plan, the performance of the test sieve, the tested materials, the inspection capability of the test sieve and the comprehensive index of the equipment to determine the testing volume of the test sieve.

2. Reasonable placement and adjustment of the test screen
The operating location of the test sieve is not fixed, and the inspection materials are complex and changeable. Under actual working conditions, it is subject to many external conditions. Therefore, as a testing system, the test sieve should be rationally combined with the actual conditions of the inspection materials. Placement and adjustment.

3. Ensure the quality of the test sieve
Due to the influence of the working environment, the testing standards of the test sieve will have large deviations, coupled with the lack of maintenance work on the testing sieve, after being corroded and damaged by corrosive materials, if it is not cleaned in time, the testing of the testing sieve will appear. Deviations and other phenomena.

Maintenance of test sieve:
1. The test sieve should be installed in a clean, dry, uniform temperature, no vibration around, and no corrosive gas influence.
2. The installation site should be in an appropriate location, the foundation should be firm and reliable, and easy to operate.

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