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The application of vibrating screen in millet impurity and classification

Millet remove impurity generally through the manual feeding or automatic feeding device (mainly belt conveyor or screw conveyor and other transportation equipment) to transfer the material to the center sieve of the vibrating screen, sometimes in order to reduce the impact of material on the screening surface, reducing the screen damage rate, Dayong machine according to the customer's special usage, install the buffer to achieve uniform discharge in the material entrance port of vibrating screen.

According to customer's different needs about different size of millet and processing capacity of screen, our company has round vibrating screen and square vibrating screen for customer to select. round vibrating screen is generally applicable to small size and small throughput of customers, linear vibrating screen mainly used for coarse granule screening and high throughput, detailed and special plan, Dayong machine will according to the customer's real needs, provide a reasonable customization services.
Dayong vibrating screen in 
millet screening and impurity classification has the following advantages:

1: high screening efficiency, screening accuracy of up to 95%.
2: small volume, large available area, easy to install, convenient maintenance.
3: outlet customization service, custom services can be customized according to the customer's site.
4: easy to replace screen, easy to achieve the purpose of multi-purpose.
5: fully closed structure, no dust pollution, in line with the requirement of protecting environment.

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