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The application and difference of shaft and shaft-less trommel screen?

Trommel screen with shaft:
The motor of trommel screen and drum device are connected by the coupling. The motor drives the drum device to rotate around the shaft. When the material enters the trommel screen, it will be screened by the rotation function of drum device. As the material takes appropriate rotation in the trommel, material under the screen will be discharged by the discharge port at the bottom of the trommel back parts. The material on the screen will be discharged by the discharge port at the end of the trommel. Along with the rotation of the material in the screening machine, the material jammed in the screen holes will be ejected gradually. By this, the probability of pore blockage will be reduced greatly. The shaft trommel screen is more suitable for screening and classifying the material with large density, such as dinas, clay, sand, coal, limestone, fertilizer, compost, mineral and others.
Shaft-less trommel screen:
The shaft-less trommel screen adopts horizontal installation generally. The motor drives the roller by the transmission device in normal condition. The center screen mesh adopts the design of circular flat steel ring. The rotation speed of the motor set in the shaft-less trommel screen is smaller. For some special material, we can improve the screening efficiency by increasing the length of the screening machine. The shaft-less trommel can screen the material with characteristics of strong adaptability, viscosity, high humidity, dirty and so on. And it is more suitable for screening material with lower density, such as waste, sawdust, activated carbon, fertilizer, building material, chemical substance and others. The most widely used industry of trommel screen is waste-waster treatment.