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The Advantages of Chemical Powder Linear Vibrating Screen

Rotary vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen are two of our common fine screening equipment, which also have different effects for chemical powders, and their screening ranges are somewhat similar. So how to distinguish the difference between them? Rotary vibrating screens are usually used to screen chemical powders. Can linear vibrating screens sieve chemical powders? The answer is yes.

The linear vibrating screen is a screening equipment that uses two vibrating motors as the vibration source, and the material moves forward in a straight line on the screen surface. The material can be successfully classified into two or more specifications of finished products through the linear vibrating screen equipment. material. This type of screening equipment has a larger screening output. The number in the model of the linear vibrating screen represents the width and length of the equipment. For example, DZSF1020 means that the equipment is 1 meter wide and 2 meters long. The width of the linear screen determines the screening output of the material; and the length determines the screening accuracy of the material. Chemical powders are generally dry materials. In order to increase the screening output of chemical powders, you can try to use linear vibrating screen equipment.

The characteristics of using linear screens are:
1. The output has increased a lot.
2. The number of layers in a single sieve is more than that of a rotary vibrating screen: the number of layers in a single sieve of a linear sieve is generally 5 layers; while the number of layers in a rotary vibrating screen is mostly 3 layers. Therefore, if materials with a variety of particle sizes are required, the linear vibrating screen is also an efficient choice.
Therefore, the equipment selected for material screening is not static. It is necessary to consider its screening output and screening accuracy to comprehensively determine which equipment to use is more suitable for its production. Different equipment advantages can be used cleverly to increase production.

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