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The Adjustable Ways of Vibration Motor

 The general purpose of using vibrating screen is mainly divided into coarse screening and fine screening.

When using a vibrating screen for rough screening, customers generally require a higher output of the sieving machine. For the case where the powder contains large particles or less impurities, the screening accuracy is not high, and it is mostly used to ensure product quality The secondary screening is performed to achieve a rough screening. At this time, the angle of the eccentric block of the rotary vibrating screen is generally within the range of about 30°. At this time, the material cutting speed is faster and the output is higher.

When using the vibrating screen for screening some viscous raw material powders, the angle of the eccentric block is relatively small, and the selection range is generally about 60°. At this time, the exciting force of the rotary vibrating screen is large, and the bouncing ball keeps hitting the screen during the operation of the equipment The frequency of the noodles is higher, which can effectively reduce the adsorption of viscous raw materials and prevent the raw materials from sticking to the screen and causing the screen to block.

However, it should be noted that sometimes during the screening process of the vibrating screen, due to the specific gravity of the material, humidity and other parameters, it is generally impossible to adjust the phase angle of the upper and lower weights at one time, so the customer must have sufficient Patience, adjust the angle under our guidance to ensure that our vibrating screen exerts the best screening effect.

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