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The frequent malfunction and the solution of belt conveyor

The belt no run:
Possible reasons:
1. The tension on the belt is not tight, only should adjust the tension device.
2. The belt is so long, the materials heap on the tail.
The belt aberrancy cause:
1. The material weight is not balanced on the belt.
2. The carrier roller and the driver roller were not perpendicular with the belt.
3. The steel wire rope were not well-adjusted, the left and the right are uneven.
4. The splice of the belt is not straight.
solution: When adjust the aberrant belt, we should consider the belt run direction and the aberrant direction. If the belt runs to right, we can screw the right bolt, if the belt runs to left, screw the left bolt.
Belt breakage:
Possible reason: 
1.The belt were used for a long time, the belt wears hard.
2.The splice of belt cannot be linked well.
Solution: Check the belt regularly and order high quality belt.
Specific maintenance:
1. Check and maintain the belt conveyor regularly to improve the maintenance  quality.
2. Improve the operators’ professional knowledge about the belt conveyor, make sure the correct operation and stable working.