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Summary of vibrating screen troubles 02



Main reasons

Eliminating methods

The vibration screen can’t be started or has small amplitude

1. The motor is damaged.

2. The electrical component of control circuit is damaged.

3. The voltage is insufficient.

4. The accumulated material amount on the screen surface is too large.

5. The exciting vibrator is in trouble.

6. The grease in the exciting vibrator becomes thickening and caking.

1. Replace the motor.

2. Replace the electrical component.

3. Change the power supply.

4. Clean the material on the screen surface.

5. Overhaul the exciting vibrator.

6. Clean the exciting vibrator and re-adding new grease.

The material flow is abnormal

1. The screen box rigidity is insufficient and there is critical frequency.

2. The lateral level of screen box is not accurate.

3. The rigidity difference of bearing springs is too large or they are damaged.

4. The screen surface is broken.

5. The material feeding is uneven seriously.

6. The crossbeam is broken.

1. Fasten the connecting bolt.

2. Get accurate lateral level.

3. Exchange the spring.

4. Replace the screen surface.

5. Operate evenly and feed stably.

6. Replace the crossbeam.

Abnormal noise

1. The exciting vibrator bearing is damaged.

2. The fixing bolt is loose.

3. The crossbeam is broken.

4. The spring is damaged.

1. Replace the bearing.

2. Fasten the bolt.

3. Replace the crossbeam.

4. Replace the spring.

The lateral plate, crossbeam and other components are damaged

1. The components are damaged seriously.

2. It has worked for too long time under the threshold frequency.

1. Adopt grinding, drilling and other methods to protect them.

2. Ditto.