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Summary of vibrating screen troubles 01



Main reasons

Eliminating methods

The bearing temperature is too high

1. The grease is insufficient.

2. The grease is too much.

3. The grease is dirty and metamorphic.

4. The bearing is damaged.

1. Increase the grease.

2. Decrease the grease.

3. Clean or replace the grease.

4. Replace the bearing.

The screening quality is not good

1. The screen hole is jammed.

2. The fine material of fed material is increased.

3. The moisture of fed material is increased.

4. The feeding is uneven.

5. The material layer on the screen surface is too thick.

6. The screen surface is not tight and the transmission belt is too loose.

1. Reduce the screen machine load and clean the screen surface.

2. Change the angle of screen box.

3. Ditto.

4. Adjust the feeding of screen machine.

5. Reduce the feeding of screen machine.

6. Tighten the screen mesh and transmission belt.

The vibration screen’s rotation becomes slow and the bearing is in fever in normal working

1. The bearing lacks grease.

2. The bearing is jammed.

3. The bearing is fed with too much oil or unqualified oil.

4. The bearing is damaged or installed badly.

5. The eccentric block is dropped or in different size. The labyrinth seal is jammed.

1. Feed grease into the bearing hole.

2. Clean the bearing and replace the sealing ring,

3. Check the bearing grease.

4. Install and adjust the eccentric block. Adjust the normal clearance of seal sleeve.