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Refractory Classification Using Probability Screen And Linear Vibrating Screen

The mesh size of refractory material is generally between 0.15mm-5mm. The vibration equipment used is mostly linear rectangular vibrating screen. According to the mesh size and output, the GLS probability screen and DZSF linear vibrating screen are commonly used.

Probability screen is a kind of sieve equipment which imitates the foreign Mogensen vibrating screen technology and combines domestic experience to classify 1-20mm small and medium particles with large processing capacity. Compared with the commonly used linear vibrating screen, it has the following advantages:

1) The capacity of the probability screen is greater, because the mesh is larger, and a single machine can easily reach more than 20t and 30t, and each layer of sieve surface can be made into different inclination angles according to the mesh.
2) The probabilistic screen adopts a hanging mesh curved screen surface, which can be drawn directly from the back of the sieve box, and each layer can be changed individually. .
3) The curved screen surface of the probability screen increases the penetration rate of the material, so the output per unit area will be greater.
Although the probability screen has many advantages, the linear vibrating sieve in the particle size range of 0.1mm to 1mm is better for comparison.

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