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Precautions After Receiving Machine

The application of the vibrating screen is very extensive, and it is more obvious at present in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, ore sorting and other industries. The action of the vibrating screen is the vibrating motor, and the vibrating motor is a device that destroys its own balance force to achieve the purpose of screening and classification. After receiving the vibrating screen, there are two points to note:

1. Transportation support
The transportation support is to prevent the damage of the damping spring due to collision and other reasons during the transportation of the device. It is also to prevent the uneven force of the damping spring during the transportation process, which affects the normal use of the device. During the transportation process, a circle of transportation support is installed, and the customer must remove it immediately after receiving the goods.

2. The rotation direction of the motor
The material rotates counterclockwise mainly because the wiring method of the motor head is not correct. The motor rotates counterclockwise to make the material run in the opposite direction, and the clockwise direction is discharged from the discharge port. Therefore, the customer must pay attention to the label on the device when wiring the motor.

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