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Points To Note for Linear Vibrating Screening Equipment

1. First of all, we must understand what the customer needs to screen the material, including some physical characteristics of the material, such as: whether there is viscosity, static electricity, specific gravity of the material, etc. Linear screens generally screen materials with a water content of less than 7%, and dust materials can be screened to 200 meshes at the finest level, and the number of layers can be divided into 1-5 layers.

2. The output of the linear screen is slightly different according to the material and the number of screen meshes. Therefore, when selecting the linear screen model, the customer must determine the mesh number of the screen. The Xinxiang vibrating screen manufacturer can help you to choose the corresponding screening machine model.

3. If you are not very clear about your product or our screening machine, you can inform the vibrating screen manufacturer of your material and the need to be screened, and we will help you choose a suitable linear screen model. When selecting models for our customers, we will adhere to the condition of "not allowing small horse-drawn carts and equipment to operate at full capacity", and try to choose a model that can be greater than or equal to the output of the customer's production line. The full-load labor of the linear screen will shorten the service life of the motor, and the screening output will not meet the output of the large-scale production line after a long time.

There are many types of linear screens. Which model can meet the production needs of customers depends on the actual production needs of customers at the production site.

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