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Operation and Maintain of LS Type Screw Conveyor

(1)Before feeding material, the operator should firstly run this machine without load. The feeding should be kept uniformly, no large vast feeding, no run overload.

(2) Without special situation, no stop with load. Stop this machine when the material on the machine is finished completely. If emergency braking with load, the operator should discharge some material before start again.
(3) If there are several conveyors on one production line, the operator should start from the last one to first, stop from the first one to the last. All of start and stop could be controlled by electronic.
(4)The operator should check the components regularly, especially the screw vanes and driving device to make sure them smoothly. Once there are damaged component such as the vane deformation, the connecter abrasive, the operator should repair or replace it.
(5)The operator should prevent the iron, large hard lump and impurities entering into screw conveyor for fear of damaging other equipment or causing other accidents.
(6)Keep great lubrication between bearings and driving devices. 
(7)The screw conveyor should generally be minor inspected in half year, middle repair one year, overhaul three years. The all parts on the screw conveyor should be disassembled totally and replace abrasive parts when overhaul. The motor and reducer should repair and maintain as the technical requirements.
(8)If the screw conveyor was used in a seasonal work, the operator should inspect and maintain the machine to prevent rusting after stop this machine.