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Linear Vibrating Screen for Colored Particles of Washing Powder

Customer situation: The previous equipment was relatively simple and failed to achieve the desired effect

Material Name: Colored particles of washing powder
Specific gravity: 0.9-1.1
Sieving mesh number: upper 14 mesh, lower 30 mesh
Decks: 2 decks
Expected processing capacity: 3-5t / h
Screening purpose: classification
The customer wants to change, the finished material is transferred to the packaging machine for the bin with the conveyor belt, the large and fine materials is concentrated into the return bin, the previous product and return materials are all difficult to collect.
Combining the details mentioned by the customer, we have designed a specific discharge port for the customer. The upper and lower material discharge ports are in one direction, and the lower discharge port is connected to the upper and lower ports, which can be connected to the upper discharge port through a soft connection.

The middle outlet is in the other direction. While ensuring the strength of the outlet, extend as far as possible. The height of the outlet is as high as possible to facilitate the belt conveyor.
The inlet is as close as possible to the rear end, and a 300x600 inlet is opened forward
In addition, because the customer's site space is relatively limited, through communication, the 818-2s linear screen designed for the customer.

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