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Light type linear vibrating screen

The theory of light type linear vibrating screen:

The material is evenly dropped from the feeder into the entrance of linear vibrating screen,then light type linear vibrating screen relies on vibration source generated by vibrating motor, put the material on the screen throwing, while moving and jumping forward straightly, and then screening process by the different size of multi-layers screen, produce the different size of material, so as to achieve the propose of grading.
The usage range of light type linear vibrating screen:

Light type linear vibrating screen is a high accuracy of screening device, can sieve powders and particles, with the features of low consumption, high efficiency, convenient maintenance, fully enclosed structure and no dust overflowing, suit for assembly line operations, so it plays an irreplaceable role in the mining, coal, smelting, building materials, refractories, light industry, chemical and other industries.
The daily maintenance and maintenance guidance of light type linear vibrating screen:
1. About the screening item of the assembly line operations, if conditions allow, please equip with an electrical protection device.
2. If frequently switching operating, need to check anchor bolts at least once a day , avoid loosening.
3. If the vibration motor used is an oiled motor, regularly fill the oil, generally for the Shell lubricants, Besides, Dayong machine provide the free fill the oiled motor, which can be easier and convenient in the daily using.
4. Before starting:
(1) Check whether the screen have been damaged.
(2) Check whether the the transport support has been removed.
5. During starting:
(1) Listen whether have abnormal noise.
(2) Check the stability of electric current .
6. After using: after each operation, the first time to clean up the equipment for the next use, good habits are a successful start.

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